Surgeon to the Brighton and Sussex Throat and Ear Hospital.
the nerve centres in the medulla, in normal chloroform
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this has always been done, and the results have been excellent.
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ment of the said cottage hospital ; and when such scheme has
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ascertained fact, which may assist him to remodel where
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limiting line, he thought it not at all as satisfactory as the
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We are in a position to state that the alarmist reports as to
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habit of overfeeding its men any more than of overpaying
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with stout silver wire and withdrawn. The lower fragment was then
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four cases, of which I will briefly give the main facts.
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hard or not, and of all intervening connective tissue and
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mews Hospital, equal; W. P, Purvis. St. Thomas's Hospital.
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gnosticate from the first tliat neitlier the varus nor the equinus
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cussion for seven years. The report starts with the assump-
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Thus on March 2nd, after both carotids were clamped, the
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which carries Saale water to Nietleben. It is true that the
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bill alter le.. hours, when ir ln't -ai/ain reached normal, the bag wsis le-
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ment, and especially at this time, after prolonged hot spong-
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all the requisites for dealing with shipborne cases. It is
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The mate of a coasting steamer while at the wheel during a
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subject are actuated by mixed motives, and "it is this mix-
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JorjBNAL of October 1st, into a goodly-sized pamphlet (C. J.
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and deflected that the articular surface of the head looks ab-
more important villages and towns the mayors delegate the
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of the crural canal was seen to be perforated on its upper
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the previous week. No fatal cases are reported, and it would appear that
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an inflamed appendix to the ileum simulated enteric fever.
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Jan. lOth. Honorary Secretary Reading Pathological Society.
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the London Hospital, and in 1846 he entered the Royal Navy
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Aust-Lawbbncb read a paper on the Advantage of Combining
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Under "mineral waters " we find a long list, filling nearly

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