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than increased in size. When held up to the light the diseased parts are

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commissions to local registrars, mails out 15,196 packages of supplies,

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denser should not be disproportionately large as com-

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tion and the throat symptoms will be found together.

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There is a great ditterence in the length of time consumed in this

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through the year would amount to 40 out of the number of

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peated instances of complete ophthalmoplegia with marked protrusion of

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crystals arranged in little clusters which radiate from a centre. The centre

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Stereoscopic radiography appeals to me as the most promis-

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bidly full, is first distended occasionally, then permanently, and

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ment more largely prevails. For the first twenty-four hours the diet should

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longed inunersion in hot ncMrmal salt solution has been followed by relief of

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defect is lined with a skin graft. The cosmetic result is excel-

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brity. If, alongside of these hygienic uncertainties, we

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from the digitizing procedures which human errors contribute occur in the data collecting

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but we confess that our own is unfavourable. There are diffi-

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their friends and the public, for the extensive patronage

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out the greatest risk to break up these adhesions and remove the tumor

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been original with Dr. Bryan, but in March, 1894, this same

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fracture neck of femur. Detroit Emerg. Hosp. Ilep., 1891,

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forty, single, who came under my care in April, 1880.

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gical interference had seemed contraindicated on ac-

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We are well aware that n\any will object to this mode of managing

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plexy dependent on extravasation of blood or other conditions, aside from

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