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great importance when it is present. When, for any cause, it becomes
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Hitchin under Mr. Artliur Abbott, a teacher for whom he
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beds, the managers of the infirmary altered their arrange-
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may be expected upon the supervention of the bulbar symptoms which
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One of the worst local developments occurs in the conjimctiva,
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vided with inspection chambers, and all the materials used
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Etiology. — For a long time this joint disease was classed among
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found that there is a tender spot on cranial percussion. This head-
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to me will settle their accounts. I do not want to leave Cobar between
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mometer, which in Graves' disease rarely varies from normal.
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like tuberculosis, may become comparatively mild infections. The
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ism which produces a high-frequency current, either from a static
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resembling a comma in writing. Sometimes two of these bacilli are
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we have to do merely Avith an over-production of grape sugar from
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of charge pay as an acknowledgment of the greatly increased
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