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swallowed a bone of a rabbit ; and McLean also remarked

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appearance of vacuoles. Fatty degeneration of the fibers

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Dr. Hemenway's excellent article in the Journal of Laryn-

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wheat, or some other grain. The best preventive of corns is

is suprax a strong antibiotic

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sour greenish fluid from the peritoneal cavity. Drain-

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disease amongst races of the most diverse kinds, and amongst persons of

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peihaps as a result of a coexisting myocarditis; in that case a small

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walk the floor in dreadful anticipation of the things to pass on the

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ice or twice a day. The ung. acidi carbolici employed twice a day is

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ble bolDr, to confer the degree of M. D. upon inch as tke

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the posterior columns of the cord, makes it surprising that a definite boundary-

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cabinet might answer the same purpose and be safer.

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The Practical Application of the Rontgen Rays in Ther-

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tient gradually improved, but a week later it became necessary

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In lon-idcri- liic oiu^tioii •■' iiitcitinn in ktier-jnint- li illnw ini; t;i:M

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that it leaves almost no room for discussion. I am glad to see that he was

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We might go back now to the first meeting in May of 1965, since I

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400 dollars for the best paper on the subject: "Does the Habitual

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show urobilin in the urine. The excretion of the substance would be

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absence of evacuated gas presents such a contrast as to furnish a very

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kindliness, appreciated by all with whom he came in contact, and

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size, an attempt may be made to cure the deformity by means of a

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Countyites have no special reason to feel any great awe before

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voice ; the proper and improper use of the voice ; the diseases that impair

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A Father —The result of tbe recent examination may perhaps be known

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