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1991 and ’93, as compared to Dr. T.V. Rajan’s visit in the

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Rest is, of course, the treatment of fatigue. The treatment of

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second edition of 5,000 copies of the second volume

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was undertaken under strict antiseptic precautions. Strength of

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bedtime ; and to be permanently cured by giving up this hurtful practice.

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Typhoid Pneumonia. — Pneumonia associated Avith typhoid

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bladder and rectum, but his urine still passed at the perinaeal open-

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chances would be less than those taken by trying to get rid of

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3.^6.- Oroi^sinann (K.) Das Listing'scbe Ge-setz bei

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Symptoms and Diagnosis. Mild cases cannot be recognized by any


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then a different appearance, — still, in this case, the mark of the liga-

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board or thin hard rubber. The plate-holder is supported

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when a hospital ward has its windows kept open all night.

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thyroid treatment absorption improved. The best absorption in

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previously treated unsuccessfully, I prescribed the fol-

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much graver, as rupture of the gravid cyst is almost always followed by

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does not dogmatically state that the whole condition is nec-

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of Mass*ichust*tts the. law has for a numlK»r of years provided that

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some places, especially in the cervix of the penis, it is covered

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condition. Perhaps there is poor general health, anemia, bad

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tively large amount of mental disease. Very rarely pneumo-

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color can be modified. Certain intermediate conditions must be

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of the Governors of the Radcliffe Infirmary at Oxford on the

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abscess when thus situated in the finger, is in its essen-

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finely powdered nutmeg in whiskey to bring on delayed menstruation. This was taken

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are 4,700 providers in the netv^'ork and he would be

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much for internal medicine ;• and the sphvg- '"ternal organs might occur was very

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1755, and during the whole time, he tells us, his days passed "with

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Whatever the fixative used, it was allowed to act for about

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countv in what will now be the new Tenth District, and follows the

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Peter L. Wheeler. Dr. Oliver D. Hamlin was elected president,

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Dr Bardie said that he perfectly agreed with Dr Balfour in the

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