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results, and prevents the indecorous and overpowering sleepiness which is so antago-

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along this line will enable us to make the diagnosis of

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Hospital, Minneapolis, and Dr. Christiansen is a Teaching Fel-

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other hand, a continued marked reaction indicates that no improvement

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times the attacks of a quotidian fever are so prolonged that before the sweat-

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call for operation at the earliest possible moment, and the

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rise to a reflex neuralgia of the sciatic nerve. It is doubtful

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at St. Ouen these dead fish have transformed the Seine

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who published the fact in 1848. Dr. Yearsley has published several

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fracture at or about the olecranon and coronoid fossae.

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fairly extensive disease of the pelvis. A small bowel

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organic cause. (4) The patliogeuic action of the amoeba

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2216,) should be persevered in, until such a condition of sto-

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of 750 ml improve bronchodilator response more than

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most virulent organic poisons innocuous, and Dr. Edward

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pated. Her husband, a very active man of business, was about going to the

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thin layer on a smooth hard board the mashed pulp of soft,

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toms, afforded good evidence to my mind of its being tubercular

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that in Gillespie's statistics for five years, out of 1914 cases of valvular

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easily broken in an otherwise fatal chain. From the fact that the spleen

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neum in 3 cases. Enterorrhagia coexisted in 2 cases, and occurred alone

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Bright and of Raver, whose great authority I delight in acknowledging,

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desirability of — 1 . The employment of experts in the Coroners'

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third case occurred, this time at the opposite end of the village,

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The Pharmaaqpceia already contains, probably, nearly

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of sand in the eye might occasion fever by setting up acute

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concerning it), as if it had some peculiar and mysterious power.

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injection into non-tuberculous individuals of such large doses of serum as

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