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Though the subject is dealt with here in as practical a manner as is

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--..J.U.J j UI1U aL uicH nine [Here k _.■ ; • , * w ™* " io ^uty lu

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the whole trunk collapsed forward, and the torsion of

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of vaccination with bovine virus over vaccination with

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constructed of such thin lead that it gave way and caused

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it is now generally felt and acknowledged to be in so far aim-

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cultural Association, is available to medical students

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out of two chance it's that way, is that all action

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name in England, and the extent of the use of alcohol determines the geog-

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formation as to their real condition is founded on most

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the use of an india-rubber bag measuring scarcely four inches in trans-

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other organs. Suppurative pericarditis is generally fatal.

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to diseases which are not the mere accidents of infection than a child

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remedy was highly beneficial. These cases, therefore, fail to furnish

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Sketch of nail-fold capillaries in a case of polycythemia vera. Some of the capillaries

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the presence of a saturated solution of nitrate of ammonium. Practically

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muscle cells is almost always found, and has as its result a marked

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(examination shows the visual field contracted, absolute central scoto-

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that sad familiarity with typhus which we possessed in this

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ing an ulcer, or by partially blocking the lumen of the

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Brodzki^ noted 10 per cent, of cases following 610 instances of tonsillitis.

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cure. Repeat in one-half hour if necessary. Always follow a

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entrance of the injecting needle. In some animals the greater part of the ear

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joint, which latter means a carious destruction of the articular surfaces.

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or in modern parlance that it is " up to him " so to educate his

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Tlie Gorilla. — Notwithstanding all the interest which has-

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moter of the scheme to the expectant victim below, invites

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a little of the test-mixture should be filtered and tested with ferrocyanide

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is no longer supplied with horn from above ; and this deficiency

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ficial. Indeed, for the children of the poor, a well-conducted

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villal space (i. e., the uterine milk), which can then be collected and examined.

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intestines, while the splenic flexure may be adherent to the spleen

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probably becomes spongy, and s > forces the tooth from its bed.

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