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rate was 4 per cent.^ The dose of the tincture of iron should not be less
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States of America in Congress assembled. That section eight liimdred and
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tardy, the evidence of the mother, if corroborated, is received in support
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presence. The acute angina of early syphilis appears as a diffused redness,
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Dr. \V. K. Otis, of New York, said that in cases where
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Oliver, 8 and Levy 9 found the uric acid diminished after giving lithium salts.
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proposed by Ogston, of Aberdeen, in 1894, and exploited
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of a man in whom, after amputation of the toe, the condition con-
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enlargement. The illness began with involvement of the cervical
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et Vidiotie. Paris, 1895, 6, 7, 8. — 10. Carswell. "The Care and Education of
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less. And he was greatly pleased to find that Mr. Adams did
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phernalia of the same was an old-fashioned stage-coach.
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bourhood of the angle of the scapula ; the rest of the side pos-
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gradually rising, step by step, until, without collegiate
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had been removed. In explanation of the influence of
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the author appears in every page, and we can confidently re-
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others show that not only is the fat content not increased, but that it
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the homologous organisms. Bails' work does not support the view
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Special issue honoring Marquette University School of Medicine
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chromic anemia, characterized by low reticulocyte counts
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either in the ftreets, or in the intercourfe of the
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Medical ^ournaiy February 22, 1879,) presents an interesting
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tents of carbonic and phosphoric acid molecules in the urine. Finally, the two
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study of a case of hematochyluria during the past six months
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vol. iii., art. "Acute Peritonitis," p. 620; ibid., "Perityphlitis," p. 879.
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informs me that fifteen or eighteen years ago he removed an ovarian cyst which
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higher promptings of humanity, regard sanitary science as of the
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how cautious we must be in taking it for granted that death has
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the size of the ventricle would become adapted, more or less
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Smai,l-1'ox. — Dr. Farr, of Lambeth, ascribes great
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Phlegmasia alba, cause of, 222 ; following operation for
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Dr Adams was held in high respect by his medical brethren, and
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that milk is of easy digestion and that any patient sleeps better and the action of the
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Now in England, when a medical man is requested to make a visit,
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question, for his address may be put to a use which
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is some reason to believe that the healthy respiratory and intestinal mucous

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