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A review of these cases shows that only seven patients proved refac-
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or any like object placed in a certain position on the dorsum of
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{a) A large solitary PYRIFORM GALL-STONE, weight 24
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ticles on rheumatism, gout, scurvy, and purpura close the volume.
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variety of organisms sensitive to this drug. Are we to
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vexed question of lavage of the stomach, the author takes up a very
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When there is only slight adhesions, glycerine tampons and manual
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last he stood — for he stood through it all, the wonderful youth
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If your medical assistant is not a member of AAMA, please
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as they term it. Dr. Joseph Clarke, of the Rotunda hos-
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cessfully in the treatment of the night-sweats of pulmonary
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the whole body could be distinctly felt through the walls of the abdomen,
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serum after the blood had been defibrinated was one
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almost every month from an attack of purpura and a haemorrhoidal flux.
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in the act on her part, that there were no appearances of violence about her
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So too the degree of care and attention that can be obtained in the
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necessary, the membrane alone is an imperfect guide. It is often
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coitus b very painful to the patient, although there may be no palpabl^^
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nature of the disease they are in an irritable condition and prone to take on
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subjected to certain definite processes, the offices of particular or-
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"//, in New York, the beneficent law against the smoke pol-
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lis is also characteristic and generally easily distinguished.
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Other defects were present. In this case tubercles 1, 2,
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ladies partook of some salad, into which sethusa cynapium had been put by
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Collier's Weekly for their fearless and energetic campaign against
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with the causation of the disease in animals by the introduction of
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there is the slightest indication of spasms, for if delayed until the disease is more advanced
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patient an entire immunity from the after-introduction

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