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thus the force of the inspiratory movement is thrown largely on to the intra-
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C«/r?Vcr7z?/j- is cold and dry melancholick ; governs the Knees and Hams; and
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Gordinier, Hermon C, 89 4th St., Troy, Rensselaer Co.
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he adds, the indiscriminate handling of diphtheritic chickens,
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stances, the ligature holds out a prospect of relief which has
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they were expelled the city, to return again when a comparatively enlight-
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Government to declare a quarantine of vessels from Spain and
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putrescence, is a matter of very great practical importance.
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of ergot, that it will prove both a subject of interest and profit
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which, however, vary greatly in length in different diseases. First comes the
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Etiology. Xanthoma of the eyelids is more common in females; it
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structures around its point of exit usually gives relief.
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term, rightly classified from a bacteriologic point of vieW'.
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more cranial nerves on the other, is the result of a tumour in the mesen-
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liver and asserted that, if once present dur- nothing to do with gall-stones, while they
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p. 433 ; 1831, p. 467 ; 1833, p. 226, t. 2, p. 160 ; 1834, p. 205 ; 1835, t. 2,
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The technic of applying the electrode is naturally important, for a larger electrode
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mesentery, and two were present in the wall of the intestine. One of
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ceptional excellence. Indeed, both for accurateness of detail
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he wants answered is, What is to be the outcome of my complaint ?
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ty the Lords of the Admiralty, and is moored off Grays, in
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also been observed. Soon after one or more of these
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before the operation, and I think the suggestion of some one, recently
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Studies continued with Dr. Darrell V. Lewis, NINCDS, to visualize and quanti-
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especially on the extremities, dewlap, and hypogastrium ; lameness ;
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cent, of the deaths arose from this disease, which was espe-
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much adherent, may yet have retained considerable pliability,
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wealth of the Indies would hardly part me, viz., the
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the dissociation of the sodium gelatinate is complete (five molecules
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considered malignant. A section taken through the tissue between the

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