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duration and is the consequence of a saturation of the blood. Ac-
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morning vomiting, tremor, tendency to delirium, and lypemania, the in-
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8967 or 1-800-542-1058 and ask for the name of one of the Physicians Health Committee
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on in cases of dysmenoirha^a " so long as it does not
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through the whole series of sections appears to be much the
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If no urine be separated from the blood, urea accumu-
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veins. If, on the contrary, it be administered to him during
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not found in the position in which it had been thought to be. For a month
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all treated in the same Hospitals by the same Medical officers.
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were found moderately adherent, but otherwise appar-
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dies those figures represent. But what must have been the
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matter, observations were always made upon the physical
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to the chest and the stimulating treatment already indi-
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of this system, which sprang from an atmosphere of vio-
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fiome grave and dangerous lesion of the whole fabric.
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Smitli, 87 Harbord Street, Toronto ; Dr. Leslie Clinton Fallis,
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the morning, and the respiration over 50. Patient's
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A paper by Gullstrand (Sweden) must, by its review^ later on, be
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with malignant disease of the oesophagus, died four days
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be found serviceable. In obstinate cases the strength
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123-131. Also: Virginia M. Semi - Month., Richmond,
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surgeons that the late Frank Hamilton, of New York,
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In trying to select a needle-holder which would combine
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the patient complained of stiffness of the articulation of the
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A most extraordinary peculiarity in this gentleman^s head is the exist-
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I have just quoted, — i.e., the occurrence of tabes
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B. In all fractures of the patella occurring in individ
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from the ventricles; for instance, a basal meningitis or a tumor
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Valuable for delicate and irritable stomachs, and it is as perfect a
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each other until the sides of the bowel can be stretched
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tumour ; and the more solid portion, felt per vaginam, being a mass of smaller
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bodies may persist for a considerable time, the concentration becomes much
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The second case was on the 4th of October, 1876. I was=
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Whatever the state of the child's health may be, if attacked during
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per cent A marked feature is the fact that with low temperatures
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former strength and action ; when the orifice is to be again
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monary tuberculosis, a condition which all too frequently pre-

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