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experiments of Shaw. Such a slope permits a perfect pos-
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— Nursing and Artificial Feeding — Salicylic Acid;
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away a part of that ; and he told us what we must believe to be the conclusions this com-
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families in a crescent with twenty-five houses ; all four had Typhoid ;
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meetings that was ever held anywhere. The original scientific
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the dysentery of sucking calves, and those of Zschokke, Hess,
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the cervix is so ricfid that it will not vield. In addition to the
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infectious disease which it complicates. Calming of the heart
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anticipate its development, to recognize its earliest
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cutaneous surface, acted in the same way as salicylate of soda, taken
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without their being labelled poison, or without the pro-
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that anyone with this book, and a subject on which to practice, could undoubt-
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of Malpighi) about fifteen in number, with their apices (papiUce of
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but to find on examination that the child's head was now even less than
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Meany, is due the credit of first suggesting the improvement of
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ins. In the adrenal type are the numerous cases due to
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amounted to 15.377 inches on 106 days, compared with 13.809
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for the removal of Mr. Baker Brown's name from the list of
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lemon, a little extract of lemon, 3 tablespoonfuls of flour.
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versity Medical Center, St. Louis, MO. Contact: Sharon
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physiological action of the medicine, and the other

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