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July 15th. — Expression more anxious; respiration more laboured, 36; slept
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munity are guarded against acquiring the disease from
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plaster dressing 6 inches above the knee. More or less
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and the neighbouring surface, to the extent of some inches, are thickly
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tion the silk ligatures came away and the wound closed im-
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appearance of objects seen by both eyes is ovi^ing to their pictures falling on
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Posteriorly. — Respiration on the left side, at the summit, bronchial, with
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tion at that period, when there h«8 been a' marked local reac-
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concerning the cicatrisation of bone) has termed the temporary callus. Its
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and all have been preserved in a degree which has astonished those who
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borated by the state of her sexual organs, which were healthy except at the
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mastoid cells. Every one understands that such a destructive
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with the oflScials of the U. S. Treasury Department that
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should wait before operating until the question can be
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carry on a conversation though with difficulty with the Interpreter.
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both nostrils are completely closed no such fluctuation in pres-
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papers on "Why a City Should Have Sewerage," or the question of
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body. Might it not be possible to establish a bureau
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physician or graduate from some educational institution for
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about five cases of leprosy. The Chinese took every precaution
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The galvanocautery is neither scientific nor surgical, according
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action to establish the efficacy or inutility of the invention. The result of
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for practicing medicine without a license, has been acquitted.
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it sets in suddenly. Not unfrequently a transient improvement in the
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every day. He claims by this method to be able to effect a
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alcoholism. He rightly contends that it is an irrational
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garded as contagious as others now on the list, and should be
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At M. Trousseau's arrival, at a quarter past seven, he was stretched upon

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